1. Dirty_Money_Original_Mix
Viktor Kaman  


2. Dirty_Money_Collective_Machine_Remix
Viktor Kaman  


3. To_The_Beat_Original_Mix
Viktor Kaman  


4. To_The_Beat_Chiqito_Ghetto_Remix
Viktor Kaman  


5. I_Heart_Africa_Original_Mix
Viktor Kaman  


FOR 040

Factomania Group da la bienvenida al ya recnocido dj / productor de Budapest, Viktor Kaman, que se mantine en auge después de una dilatada carrera en la escena internacional del tech house y deep house al mismo tiempo .Dedsde que comenzó su aventura en solitario en 2013, antes fue parte del dúo Budai y Vic, ha ganado rápidamente fama con sus pistas tech house apareciendo asiduamente en el Beatport Top 100 y en las sesiones de grandes nombres como Mark Knight, Paco Osuna, Wally López, entre otros. Sus lanzamientos en sellos como Witty Tunes, Microtech Records, SAFE Music, Natura Viva, Expectancy Records, Blue Orb, .. han tenido gran repercusión , además él toca regularmente en su país junto a los grandes nombres del mundo DJ.
Él ofrece esta vez a Fórmula Recs 3 cortes originales : Dirty Money, To The Beat y I Heart Africa.Puro sonido tech house con una Groove potente que va directamente a la pista de baile. Dos remixers importantes acompañan Viktor esta vez: Collective Machine y Chiqito.An excelente lanzamiento para celebrar el número de referencia 40 del sello. Disfrútala !!

Factomania Group labels welcome the established dj/producer from Budapest, Viktor Kaman, who is a fresh and also an old player in the international tech house and deep house scene at the same time. Started his solo quest in 2013, but before he was part of the duo Budai & Vic. Now separated, he quickly gains fame with his tech house tracks popping up in Beatport’s Top 100 and in the sets of big names like Mark Knight, Paco Osuna,Wally Lopez, among others . His releases are out on labels like Witty Tunes, Microtech Records, SAFE Music, Natura Viva, Expectancy Records, Blue Orb and so on. He regularly plays in his country next to the big names of the game.
He offers to Formula Recs 3 originals tracks : Dirty Money, To The Beat and I Heart Africa.Pure tech house sound with a powerfull groove that going straight to the dancefloor. Two important remixers accompany Viktor : Collective Machine and Chiqito.An excellent release to celebrate the 40th reference number of the label. Enjoy It!!


Wally Lopez (The Factoria / Factomania)
welcome amigos..great release!!
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 10/10

Onionz (CR2 / OM)
Dirty Money Orig Mix – Heat
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 8/10

Kenny Ground (Southpark Records)
All versions are very nice!
I Heart Africa (Original Mix) 8/10

Flash Brothers (CR2 / Armada)
To The Beat (Original Mix) is cool!
To The Beat (Original Mix) 7/10

G.PAL (Swift Records)
To The Beat (Original Mix) 7/10

Darkrow (Datagroove / The Box)
Downloading, will try it. thanks.
Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 6/10

Max Bett (Form / Animal Instinct)
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 10/10

Mario Biani (Row14 Monegros)
Nice ep, thanks!!
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 7/10

Alex Long (1605)
To The Beat (Original Mix) 8/10

Gabriele Gilleri (
To The Beat (Chiqito Remix) 6/10

Vladimir Acic (1605 / Italo Business)
Very nice remix, nice work!

Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 10/10

Russell Deeks (This Is Why We Dance blog)
Very solid now-sounding tech-house/G-house bizniss
To The Beat (Chiqito Remix) 8/10

Jesse Kuch (Open Records / timeOUT Magazine)
The Collective Machine remix is great!
Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 6/10

Sergio Fernandez (Starlight / Hotfingers)
Fantastic EP!! Full support!! Thanks!! :))
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 8/10

Hollen (Bitten / Respekt Recordings / Agile Recordings)
good ep – i will test it
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 7/10

Jason Pepperell (Deepsoul Maison / Juice 107.2)
Chiqito mix for me
To The Beat (Chiqito Remix) 6/10

Gruuvelement’s (Groove On / Natural Rhythm / Waldliebe Familien)
thanks for music
Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 9/10

Brian Cheetham (Global Dance Session)
Great EP, quality work
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 7/10

Funkagenda (Funk Farm / Toolroom)
Cool EP, thanks!
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 8/10

Adam Roberts (DJ Mag Australia)
Quality across the board. Dirty Money (Original Mix) stands out.
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 9/10

Erwin Kelemen (Freies Radio Freudenstadt)
bravo viktor,playing youre stuff
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 8/10

Oscar Aguilera (Row14 Monegros)
I will try Dirty Money, support. Thanks
Dirty Money (Original Mix) 6/10

Miguel Garji (Ibiza Global Radio)
Collective Machine 4 me. Support, gracias
Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 6/10

David Herrero (Defected / Vendetta / Stereo)
To The Beat (Chiqito Remix) 6/10

Dirty Money (Original Mix) 7/10

Peter Brown (Toolroom/Hotfingers/Pacha)
dirty money and to the beat original mixes are dope!

Dirty Money (Original Mix) 9/10

Sam Divine (Defected in the House / House Connoisseur)sounds cool

Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 9/10

Mark Knight (Toolroom)cool remix
To The Beat (Chiqito Remix) 7/10

DJ Fronter (Orunmila Recordings ) great ep !! collective machine for me

Dirty Money (Collective Machine Remix) 10/10

Peter Gelderblom (Spinnin / Tiger) Dirty Money and To the Beat for me!

Dirty Money (Original Mix) 8/10

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