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Derek D is from Antwerp, Belgium. He has a long experience in the music industry as DJ, Radio Host, Booking- & Eventmanager and now also as Producer. His popularity and success is as much about the music as it is his excitement and love for the scene. His style of music goes from deep house over tech house to tribal techno always with an Iberican touch. Derek has radio residencies on Zen Fm (B), Top Radio (B), Chic Radio (Fr), Warm Fm (B), Hit Fm (B), Contact-Dance (B), Dance Tunes Radio (Global), Ibiza Global Radio (Ibiza and Formentera), FG DJ MIX (Global), BeachGrooves (Marbella & San Pedro), Patagonia Fm (South America). As a DJ he performs also in many important belgian clubs like La Rocca, Versuz, At The Villa, concepts in Liège,… and at Es Vive in Ibiza.
Together with his partner in crime Pedro Mercado, he releases in 2013 his first EP called “Gualapa” on the belgian label Fix by Six records. And in 2014 much more new releases on big international labels (303Lovers, Bikini Tracks,…) and collaborations with big artists (Zoo Brazil, Tony Dee,…) are coming up!

Derek D was born in Brussels, Belgium but later on moved to Siegen, Germany. When living in Belgium he was allready much active in the belgian nightlife, but it was in Germany where he started to dj himself in several german clubs and where he set up his first radio shows. More and more he focussed on his radio shows, his biggest passion back then, and less on his club performances. In 2004 he moved back to Belgium, namely Antwerp, the party capital of belgian nightlife. Back in Belgium Derek was looking for some new radio opportunities. It was how he met in 2010 Pedro Mercado, a very known radio host, dj & producer in Belgium. These 2 immediately connected. It would be the beginning of many new succesfull collaborations and projects!

This is how Derek joined 2 important radio shows in Belgium where Pedro Mercado was part of. The first one is Rotationz, The Heart Of Club Nature: one of the biggest radio shows in Belgium concerning Quality House Music. Since 2003 every Saturday Rotationz host their national radio show on Topradio, the biggest dance fm radio station in Belgium, between 20.00 and 22.00 h where they introduce the newest tracks, artist albums, CD-compilations & the hottest Dj-mixes,… Derek D became co-host and resident-Dj of the show: every second Saturday of the month he hosts his own mix session. The second radio show he joined is Kondo Beach, which focusses on the hottest Deep House. Originally Kondo Beach was only broadcasted on Zen Fm, the small sister radio station of Topradio where Rotationz was broadcasted.

With all his radio experience Derek soon succeeded in expanding succesfully the broadcasting schedule for Rotationz & Kondo Beach to more and more radio stations in Belgium and abroad, even in South America, Marbella, San Pedro & Ibiza. Since 2012 he has, as only belgian DJ, a weekly residency on Ibiza Global Radio which is broadcasted every Saturday from 4 till 5pm! Next to Ibiza Global Radio his other residencies include Zen Fm (B), Chic Radio (Fr), Warm Fm (B), Hit Fm (B), Contact-Dance (B), Dance Tunes Radio (Global), FG MIX DJ, and BeachGrooves (the n°1 Deep House Station in Marbella & San Pedro).

In the summer 2012 Pedro Mercado takes Derek D to Ibiza, which is the second home country of Pedro and he knows all the hot spots there. It doesn’t take long before Derek D falls in love with this amazing party island. It was here that Derek made the first contacts with Ibiza Global Radio which resulted in a great collaboration as mentionned earlier. It was also in Ibiza where he met Wally Lopez, a good friend of Pedro Mercado since Pedro released his Ibiza anthem “Hallelujaaahhh” on Factoria, the label of Wally Lopez. Since then, Derek D acts as booking- and eventmanager for all the Factomania Showcases in the Benelux with Wally Lopez, Ismael Rivas & Luis Bonias with whom he works very close.

But his work as booking- & eventmanager pretty soon went much further than the Factomania Showcases, and he started to organise Ibiza related parties in important clubs in Belgium. And it didn’t stay with organising only, pretty soon he took up again his DJ-performances, very often in the form of marathon B2B-sessions with Pedro Mercado. Highlights so far are the Factomania Showcases, the Deeperfect Showcase, Neverending Festival, the Eivissa Clubbings in Versuz & La Rocca, and the Supermercado Parties in At The Villa. New projects are in the pipeline!

In 2013 the next logic step was producing. Together with his partner in crime Pedro Mercado (whom has already releases on big international labels as Factomania, Deeperfect, Go Deeva, WTF!, Parquet,…) he releases his first EP called “Gualapa” on the Belgium label Fix by Six records.

In 2014 next to his many radio sessions, Derek D spends more time in the studio, focussing on releasing more tracks with Pedro Mercado, and to do more B2B-perfomances with him in the clubs. So expect to hear so much more in the future because some new releases on big international labels (303Lovers, Bikini Tracks,…) and collaborations with big artists (Zoo Brazil, Tony Dee,…) are coming soon!

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